Personal scientific website of 

Jean-Frédéric Brun

Welcome ! This is my personal scientific website. Since I have spent almost the half of my life (!) to write all those research or tutorial papers, and that I lived that as a fascinating adventure, I thought it would be useful to make them easily accessible online! 

All this literature deals with exercise, fuel metabolism assessment in vivo, and hemorheology. You will find here papers about insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, diabetes, overtraining syndrome, AIDS-related  lipodystrophy growth hormone - IGF-I axis and growth hormone deficiency, as well as many other areas of clinical physiology. 

To read all papers follow this link. 

I hope you will find here something useful or interesting!he 

I plan also to add here some pedagogic material corresponding to lessons or postgraduate courses for students who could be interested in them. 

I also plan to include perhaps here some related material, like historical informations on ancient masters of our University, etc...  





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